Hammer Drill - 1/2" (20008707) In Stock Now

DeWalt DWD520 1/2" keyed chuck hammer drill. Variable speed reversing. Two drill speeds for wood and metal, and hammer drill setting for masonry. 120Vac.

Comes with side handle, depth guide, and chuck key.


See Instruction Manual (linked below) for complete safety and operating guide.

  • Set mode with collar behind chuck
    • Setting 1 for low-speed, high torque drilling in wood and metal
    • Setting 2 for high speed drilling in wood and metal
    • Hammer setting for masonry and concrete
  • For masonry, use carbide-tipped bits or masonry bits. Exert just enough force to keep bit in contact with material. A smooth even flow of dust indicates a proper drilling rate.
  • For metal cutting use a cutting fluid, except for brass and cast iron which are drilled dry.


  • Use eye protection.
  • Use ear protection when hammer drilling.
  • Prevent long clothes or hair from tangling.